WinTumblr Documentation version 1.3



1. Introduction

WinTumblr is a tumblr client that allows you to post entries to your tumblr log without you having to log into your tumblr dashboard. WinTumblr is ideal for quickly posting the following types of entries: video, photo, link, quote, and chat. It is not ideal for longer regular text posts as it is lacking a spell checker and a HTML formatter to easily create links or highlight words.

I hope you find WinTumblr useful in keeping your tumble log up to date.

2. Installation

WinTumblr requires the .NET 2 framework to be installed on your Windows computer before it can be run. The .NET 2 framework is a very stable and secure software framework from Microsoft. It is probable that it is already installed on your computer. You can easily check for the existence of .NET 2 on your machine by checking the programs within the Administrative Tools menu, which can be found in the Control Panel. If you have .NET 2 installed you will see a configuration tool specifically for .NET 2. Once you have made sure that .NET 2 is installed you can download the WinTumblr zip file.

There is no installer as yet unfortunately. Once you have downloaded the zip file that contains WinTumblr I would recommend that you unzip it either into an easily found folder or place the WinTumblr executable directly onto your desktop. This is not ideal and an installer is being planned.

3. Operation

3.1 Executing

When you execute WinTumblr its main window opens and a tray icon appears in the system tray. You can right-click the icon in the system tray or click the tumblr logo in the main window to bring up a menu. On this menu you can select to run WinTumblr when Windows starts. WinTumblr does this only for the currently logged in user. WinTumblr is set to start with Windows when the menu item is checked. Select it again to prevent WinTumblr from starting with Windows.

3.2 Adding and Modifying Accounts

The Accounts window is accessible from the menus as well as from each Post window. Just enter a name for the particular account and the email address and password that you use when logging into the tumblr dashboard then select the "Add/Update" button. If you have more than one tumblr account then by selecting "Default Account" will ensure that this particular account is selected by default when displaying a Post window.

Account information is stored in an XML file inside the current user's Windows applications folder. This means that each user account in Windows can have their own WinTumblr account settings. The account password is also encrypted to prevent any casual dastardly deeds.

To edit an account just select it from the list at the bottom of the Accounts window. You may have to edit an account to alter the "default" status or change the password.

3.3 Sending Posts

You can send a post by either selecting the post type from the right-click menu in the system tray or by selecting the appropriate button from the main window. Once the particular Post window is displayed you can select the account you wish to post to and you can add the details of the post to the fields.

WinTumblr informs you of the success or failure of posting to your tumble log by popping up a small window. The Post window does not close automatically, but rather allows you to review what you have just posted.

3.4 Exiting

WinTumblr does not exit when you close the main window by clicking the "X" button. The WinTumblr tray icon is still active and can be double clicked to restore the main window or right-clicked to bring up the menu. Only when you select "Exit" from the menu does WinTumblr stop running.

I hope this helps.
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